At my day job, I spend most of my time on a collection of private intranet sites. So I'm not able to showcase much from that. But here are some personal projects I have worked on recently.

Stock Charts

Invest Site

This site is a supplement to more mainstream investment sites, like Yahoo Finance or my online broker. I use this to look at specific stocks and trends that I'm interested in.

Workout Log

Workout Site

I haven't really been happy with the workout apps available. They're hard to configure and/or filled with distracting ads. This isn't nearly as robust as one of those, but it's just what I need to track my weight training workouts. I'm also working on a mobile app which would be similar to this.


Notes Site

I take a ton of notes on books I'm reading or video tutorials I have watched. Most of my notes are in markdown, so I can easily use a web editor and keep my notes online. This is really handy for things I learn at home that I need to use at work and vice versa.


Invest Site

This is my "business" website. Cototal is just a company name I came up with to experiment with some branding and development ideas. The site is just WordPress with a lightly customized theme based on one of the defaults.

Crystal Quest

Quest Site

I'm facinated by the Crystal programming language, so I made a simple little text adventure game using WebSockets and a Crystal framework called Kemal.